muse ariadne

i said most of what i needed to say on the front page, to be honest! this club and website are hosted on neocities, where i imagine most if not all of our members will reside. the idea of this project is to encourage and inspire people to take the step forward that's often hard to take on your own-- actually writing! it asks you to be a part of and accountable to a community-- to let go of or at least fight your perfectionism and just create.

every week, the home page of this site will display a new simple prompt which i've created myself [it'll also be posted on our neocities profile] to which members of muse ariadne can create something in response and post to their own /muse pages on their websites. ideally, members cam and will comment on one another's pieces and share thoughts and encouragements!

if you're interested in joining, don't hesitate! you can always back out if you need to.